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Cubita Libre's Sandwich

Add a Taste Of Cuba To Your Dinner

When you're in need of a filling and delicious meal, we invite you to stop in with us at Cubita Libre™ to try one of our many traditional Cuban dinner dishes. With various meats, vegetables, sauces, and more, we give a whole new experience for some and a trip down memory lane for others. Whatever your tastes and desires, we have something for everyone to enjoy. From our sandwiches and sides to our delicious Cuban deserts and Caleb's Kola, you are sure to leave full and happy. Out of Maine, we proudly serve our clients throughout the Bangor area, and welcome travelers from New Hampshire; Boston; St. John, New Brunswick; and Quebec to stop in and try a bite.

The Menu

Below is a mixture of modern culinary ideas and 'traditional' dishes with a twist. Our menu has a lot of tasty tidbits and wonderful dishes you can try and certainly enjoy.

Cubita Libre™ Cafeteria Weekly Menu

Cubita Libre Ropa Vieja
(Shredded Beef With Vegetables, Wine Reduction Sauce, and Tomato Sauce)
Cubita Libre Boliche
(Eye Round Beef With Vegetables)
Cubita Libre Mofongo
(Smashed Plantain Stuffed With Your Choice Of Beef Or Seafood. Up To 30 Minute Prep Time)
(Price Varies)
Cubita Libre Picadillo
(Ground Beef With Raisins and Potato Bits)
Cubita Libre Pollo al Caldero
(Roasted Chicken and Potatoes In An Iron Pot, Mixed In Its Own Juice)
Cubita Libre Tostones Rellenos
(Stuffed Smashed Plantains Green Your Choice Of Beef Or Seafood)
(Price Varies)
Cubita Libre Roast Pork Plate  15.95


Cubita Libre Cod Fish Creole 10.95
Cubita Libre Shrimp Creole 14.95
Cubita Libre Cod Fritters 3.50 each
Cubita Libre FRESH RED SNAPPER Price depends on weight


Cubita Libre Sandwich
(Fresh Roasted Pork, Sliced Ham, Pickles, Mustard, Swiss)
(Fresh Roasted Pork On a Bun)
Cubita Libre MEDIA NOCHE 10.99
Cubita Libre CHICKEN SANDWICH 8.95
Cubita Libre VEGGIE SANDWICH 8.95
Create your own Price Varies

Variety Plates

Include two sides!

Cubita Libre Ropa Vieja Beef
(Shredded Beef, Onions, Peppers)
Cubita Libre ROPA VIEJA Pork
(Pork, Onions, Peppers)
Cubita Libre ROPA VIEJA Chicken
(Chicken, Onions, Peppers)
Cubita Libre Boliche
(Beef With Potatoes, Onions, Peppers)
Cubita Libre Picadillo A La Habanero
(Ground Beef, Potato, Veggies, Raisins)
Cubita Libre Pollo Al Caldero Chicken 10.95
Cubita Libre Pollo Frito Fried Chicken 10.95
Cubita Libre Roast Pork 15.95
Cubita Libre Baked Chicken With Potatoes 10.95
Cubita Libre PALOMILLA STEAK 10.95

Kids Menu

Any Three Sides
(Smaller Portions)


Virgin Pina Colada 5.50
Cuban Smoothie 3.50
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice 3.50
Bottled Water 1.55
Canned Soda 1.00
Cuban Cafecito 1.00
Café and Milk 2.50
Stubborn Soda 2.00
Sparkling Water 2.25
Pure Leaf Teahouse Collection 2.50
Gatorade 1.95
Caleb's Kola 1.95
Bundaberg Root Beer 2.25
Bottle Water - Aquafina 1.55
Bottled Soda - Pepsi 20oz 1.55
Cuba Libre 8.00
Mojito  8.00
Daiquiri 8.00
Piña Colada 8.00
Whiskey Black Label 12.00
ICE WATER Upon Request

Side Dishes

Fried Green Plantain 3.50
Fried Sweet Plantain 3.50
Rice and Beans 3.50
Plantain Tostones 3.50
Yucca Root 3.50
Malanga Root 4.50
Garden Salad 4.50
Yellow Rice 4.50
Black Beans 3.50
White Rice 2.95


Cubita Libre Papa Rellena
(Fried Potato Stuffed With Ground Beef)
Cubita Libre Croquettes
(Ham, Cheese, or Chicken Croquettes)
2 for 3.50
Cubita Libre Empanadas
(Cheese, Beef or Fish)

Small- 3.50
Large- 4.50

Vegetarian Meals

Cubita Libre Variety Plates
(Rice, Yucca, Plantains)
Cubita Libre Tostones Rellenos
(Rice, Yucca, Plantains)
Cubita Libre Canoe Plantains 8.99